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Germani design is a family network that shares know-how between the individual expertise of each member. Everything started in 2013 with B&B I Germani. Whilst studying at university, Pietro, Giulio and Carlo were living together and decided to open a room to short term guests considering the high tourism demand of the area. We simply wanted to make some extra money to pay our student fees.

Why Germani design? Where did this name come from? In Italian the word 'Germano' has two meanings.

  • It means blood brothers
  • It also means Mallard, the most prevalent bird species on Garda lake

Pietro was studying economics, Giulio architecture and Carlo was working in a restaurant. We had no idea how to run a B&B, however, our expertise blended together made for the perfect skill sets to learn - so it began.
We developed our own style of hosting and discovered we loved it! We have since opened two more B&B's in the nearby area of Verona - Cabanon and L'Altro.
We transformed our working policy into a statement, a mission and wrote the notellerie manifesto.

Every guest has the right to arrive anytime he wishes
Every guest has the right to leave anytime he wishes
Every guest has the right to come and go without any interruption
Every guest has the right to walk around without heavy luggage
Every guest has the right to avoid useless brochures and wasteful paper with our print-free policy - welcome to the future
Every guest has the right to change their itinerary and modify their arrival/ departure dates.
Every guest has the right to be inspired not confined.